Hmm, who am I?  Well, depending on the time of day or day of week you ask, I’m potentially a writer, board game geek, quilter, reader, chef, blood elf hunter, petting zoo operator, or possibly a lazy slug-a-bed.  Let’s break that down.  For starters, I’m a voracious reader, which I’m sure you could tell from the nature of this blog.

Board game geek?  Check!  That particular bit of my life actually sprang from the blood elf hunter bit… My fiance and I were spending waaaay too much time playing video games (World of Warcraft, specifically) and needed a new hobby, thus, board game collecting began.  I’m not talking Parcheesi here either.  Games we have and regularly play include: RuneWars, Descent, Twilight Imperium and Talisman, as well as quite a few others. WoW gave me quilting as well, since I decided I needed another new hands-on hobby to occupy my time, and all my knitting projects seemed to turn into half done scarves that I was sick of before I ever even got to wear!

No, I’m not really a petting zoo operator, but as the proud parent of one dog and three cats, let me tell you, it feels like it sometimes!  The dog is a German shepherd / chow mix named Izzy, who, at 1.5 years of age has the personality of an exuberant puppy that was raised by cats. The cats are: Rugby, a 17lb, male, all black, long-hair Maine coon; Cassie, a crotchety little girl who looks like a tabby / Russian blue cross; and Dash, our youngest boy, who is 100% tuxedo terrorist.

The finace and I:

The Family:



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