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I wrote this blog post before Hurricane Sandy had a chance to hit, so while the temperatures are still quite fall-like in Cleveland, there’s not a leaf left to be seen on any of our trees. I think that Sandy can serve as another kind of reminder for us all, that sometimes when things end with a bang, and life looks bleak and wintery, new goodness is just being given a chance to shine through. There have been some amazing stories of courage coming out of New York in the aftermath of Sandy, and while lives have been destroyed, maybe for some folks, a new day can dawn more brightly. Anyway, here’s my take on embracing the joy of the journey, and the change Fall represents:

Reasons for Living: Finding Joy in the Journey

For all of us in the northeastern US, fall has now officially arrived, and with it come pumpkins, the trees set aflame by their changing leaves and a crisp chill in the air that turns everyone’s thoughts toward hunkering down for the winter, Life begins to slow down in the fall. It’s my favorite season, and fall, specifically a true northeastern fall, will always be one of my Reasons for Living. [read the rest here]