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I’m a NaNo-rebel this year, and it feels good! I’m tackling edits to and the continuation of last year’s NaNo-novel. Things are progressing well so far. I’ve set myself a daily word count goal of 1700, just a tiny bit over what is required, because I like round numbers. I tried for 2k/day this summer for Camp NaNo and it was just a bit too much. Most of what I’ve been writing will like end up on the rubbish heap, but hey, that’s what November is all about! I’ve refined my ideas for this story, and it’s main characters since I first sat down with barely a thought in my head, and even today I was still having some awesome breakthroughs on how to fix huge continuity holes I’ve written myself into, so that’s been great. I’ve been struggling with finding an acceptable excerpt that both doesn’t spoil anything, and makes sense without understanding the contextual flow of the story. The piece that I’ve chosen, I think, is just a good example of the dynamic between the two main characters, Lia, our soldier-hero, and Hudson, the acerbic AI in her brain:

[For clarity’s sake, * * indicates Lia’s internal monologue and < > indicates non-verbal communication from Hudson.]

<Nope. Based on the data from Adamatos’ transmission they’ll be running silent until we get on board. We know they launched without the crew that was intended to be onboard, since all the ship’s crews were still running training missions at NORAD… so goddess only knows who’s driving this thing at this point. It does have an autopilot, which is probably what they’re relying on.>

*Awesome. This just gets better and better, doesn’t it?* Lia turned out of Engineering and checked her handheld again, looking for the simplest path to a mess hall, her stomach was growling.

<It is just about time for breakfast at this point.>

Nodding absently in agreement, Lia tapped her earwig to open a channel. “Dr. Stinson, please meet me on the bridge in fifteen minutes.”

“Happy to my girl!” he replied.

*Do you know if we’re set up for anyone to be cooking anything, or is it just a find what you can and eat on the go situation?*

<The latter, for now. Baz and Lorelei are still compiling that roster you asked for, so I assume they won’t get around to sending someone down to the mess until after that’s done. I’m sure you can grab some power bars or something though.>

*That’s all I need… hopefully someone unpacked the chocolate ones. And the coffee.*

In her head she heard Hudson let out a long-suffering sigh.

It’s hard to tell from my currently crappy dialogue, but I LOVE how this relationship is developing, and how Hudson is integrating himself into the plot of the story. My biggest struggle is to not make him look too good. He needs some fallibilities, or I’m going to lose all the drama.

How are all the rest of you folks out there in NaNoland doing? I’d love some links to your blogs to check out what you’ve been writing!!!

Cheers all!