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So, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything over here… but I wanted to link up all of my recent posts from the Delivering Happiness blog. I really like the work I’ve been doing for them, and I hope you all will enjoy it as well!

Reasons for Living: Happiness and Dancing in the Rain

My group of college friends, like most groups, had a local hang out, a coffee shop that hosted a weekly open mic night, which we attended with almost religious fervor. On the particular evening I want to tell you about, it was the height of summer and the air had been thick with humidity all day. By 7pm the sky let loose with a thundering rainstorm, the kind of sheeting, drenching storm that had everything completely soaked in microseconds. It was a slow starting kind of evening and the open mic crowd had barely started to straggle in. While waiting for things to kick off I stood at the window watching the rain with my best friend, the woman whom even my fiance calls my brain twin, for a variety of completely legitimate reasons. []

 20 Seconds of Courage: Sharing your True Self

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” -Buddha

How do you define yourself? Do your friends see a different “true you” than your family, or your co-workers? Do you experience fear at the thought of any of those groups crossing over? Are any of them seeing the the person you see inside yourself? Sometimes it’s not discovering your world that takes the courage, it’s sharing that world with others. []