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So, the wedding planning around here is in full swing, and I’m just starting to feel the stress. Add to that, I’ll be turning 30 on June 10, my fiance’s mom is scheduled for double partial knee replacement on June 11, and I cannot book my wedding venue of choice until July 2 at 9am, at which time a ticketmaster-esque first come first serve policy will be in effect. Oh, and I’m writing that 50,000 word novel in June that I’ve BARELY STARTED planning for. Nope, I have no reason to be stressed at all.  Where’s the chocolate and vodka again?

All that said, I’m really happy with the theme that’s sort of beginning to develop with regard to the wedding.  Even before I was officially engaged I had friends sending me cute ideas and whatnot… we knew the question was coming from the day the ring was purchased, so why not?  One of the very first things I laid eyes on, before the venue, before any thought of colors and dresses, were these mason jars:

I think they’re adorable, don’t you?  The plan right now is to have 9-11 of these guys in various sizes on each table, assuming we end up with the venue I want, which has rectangular tables. We’d have white tablecloths with burlap runners, and the jars on the runners. I think I want to weave a colored ribbon in with the twine around some of the jars, we’ll see. I don’t want it to get too busy. The colors, right now, are going to be turquoise, coral/honeysuckle and limey green. I’m planning to wear turquoise, rather than white, mostly because I don’t like white all that much, the girls will wear the coral/honeysuckle color, and the guys will have grey pants and tuxedo vests in the limey green color. Here’s my idea for the guys, created from Polyvore:

I’d like the vests to be a bit darker, and less minty, but you get the idea.  We’re getting married next July, and July in Ohio tends to be hot as Hades, so I didn’t want to put the guys in full suits, plus, we’re just not that fancy of folks! My dress will end up depending on how I feel about my weight loss by next spring.  I’m not thrilled with how I look, or my level of fitness right now, but I’m hoping that my continued efforts with Weight Watchers, plus the addition of daily workouts on the elliptical will show some results. Thus far, it’s slow going, but I’m making some progress.

I start to stress when I think about all the details that need to be handled, and the fact that I can’t really start planning until we actually have a date, which is a month away… but then I remind myself that I have a whole year, and a fantastic family to support me, and I know it will all be fine!

“Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength.” ~Mary Engelbreit