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First off, my apologies for my absence of late… Between work, a nasty head cold and a dear friend visiting from California I’ve been keeping myself quite busy with non-internet-related activities. Today was an incredibly frustrating work day, to top everything off, the presentation I’m preparing is just refusing to come together and become graphically engaging.  I hate when I end up blocked like this, when no idea seems right and nothing wants to work out properly.  Somehow, a full day of fighting with graphics for work and failing miserably, translated into me deciding to pack it in this evening and work on the masthead I’ve been wanting to design for the updated blog theme I debuted over the weekend.

I’m really really proud of how this masthead turned out, even though I’m sure it’s incredibly rudimentary to anyone with more than passing proficiency in Photoshop.  Nevertheless, it’s my first real design project, and I love it. The photo in the background is one I took years ago at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. After seeing what I was able to do with this image, I’m feeling inspired to start taking more pictures… we’ll see how that ends up working out!