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Down three more pounds, that’s where I am.  So that’s a total of 10 pounds lost for the month of January, and overall a great start, if I do say so myself. It’s somewhat daunting because I’m still so far from my goal, but I’m really trying to look at it from the proper perspective.  I mean, it took me ten years to put on this weight, I can’t expect it all to be gone in a day, or a month for that matter. I’m happy that I’m already starting to see changes in my eating habits.  Plus, with allowing myself a day each week of not tracking, I’m finding that it’s been a lot easier to stick with what I should be doing, even on the day I set aside to relax.

For example, yesterday we went the day with the BF’s mom and bro, at her house.  We just kind of hung out, made breakfast together, and I’d brought over my crock pot, which was working on a vegetable and beef stew for dinner.  I’d made the recipe very light, but still, I wasn’t planning on getting out a measuring cup to be sure of my portion size or anything, like I might do at home.  Also, BF and his bro decided that we should have pancakes as soon as we arrived, and his mom had some amazing new bread from a local bakery, called Seedilicious (the bread, not the bakery) that I just had to try.  So in one day I had pancakes and toast, with real butter, and a big bowl of the beef stew for dinner.  Plus snacks and other whatnot.  This was WAY more carbs than I would typically allow myself to have at home but OMG was it all fantastic, and you know, at the end of the day I still don’t feel like I blew my diet out of the water. I also think letting myself give in and have the carbs that I’d been craving all week was great, because I was able to control it and not go overboard, like I might have done if I’d been tracking every day and gone three weeks without having those extra pieces of toast, which were really all I wanted.

In other news, I’m falling deeper and deeper into this love affair with Yarny.  Seriously people, this program is freaking awesome!  If you’ve ever even thought about writing a novel I can’t recommend it enough.  It’s so seamless and simple to use that it makes the painful work of editing and rewriting my NaNo-novel enjoyable, and I finally feel like I’m back to work on it again.  So I’m thrilled about that.  I even have a working title (although, I’m not sure I’m 100% in love with it yet): From Ashes. I’ve so far gotten all the way through the first four chapters, which is something like 1/10th of the whole story.  It certainly still needs a lot of attention, but at least its becoming something I would willing put in the hands of one of the people who have volunteered to be my beta readers. That’s the goal for this week, actually, to get pages into the hands of someone capable of giving me useful critical input.  I’m terrified.

In other other news, I decided to go ahead and participate in Camp NaNoWriMo this summer.  It’s going to be held in June and August, and I’d LOVE to do both, but I’m going to see how June turns out first! I have two novel ideas, and I haven’t decided which to develop yet, but both are a pretty far cry from the novel I’m working on right now, so I think it’ll be nice to get a break and work on something new.  Plus, it will allow me to really develop one of them so I have something to work from when I’m done with From Ashes, or whatever I end up calling it.

I want to write books that unlock the traffic jam in everybody’s head.

~John Updike