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Week three already… this year just seems to be blowing by.  I don’t have as much to report in about, I’m down another 2lbs, which I’m thrilled about. I’m holding to my blogging resolution, but haven’t been putting the time into my novel that I feel like I should be.

Happily, my NaNo writing group met last night and after talking through some of what’s been in my head I feel like I have a direction to begin moving in.  Also, I got to play around with a cloud-based writing program called Yarny… It’s VERY cool, and I think I’m going to spend tomorrow uploading what I have into the cloud. The thing that I’m in love with about it is that I can work on my novel at home on my PC, and then when I’m out with my writing group, or down home visiting family I don’t have to drag around my archaic brick of a laptop, I can just write from my iPad. Fabulous!

Yarny is very very new, just barely out of beta in fact, but I’ve seen some whispers that they’re working on getting an actual Yarny iPad app out this year, which would make the whole thing even more fabulous.  Up to this point I had been trying to start working in Scrivener, but the software is daunting and there’s no good way of working in Scrivener from my PC and iPad.  (Clarification: You CAN make it work, but the workarounds to do it are ugly, time-consuming and more of a pain in the ass than I really want to deal with.)

In other news, I just finished Cinder by Marissa Meyer and it was OMG good… good enough that I kinda wish I hadn’t read it because waiting for the sequel may just be the death of me.  A longer review will be forthcoming, likely early next week, so I don’t want to dive too deep, but wow… LOVED it.

I’m also just starting A Million Suns, the sequel to Across the Universe.  It seems great so far, but I’m only about 50 pages in at this point. After this I really feel like I need to find some adult sci-fi, something harder than the fluffy (but awesome) YA stuff I’ve been into lately. The BF has been reading a lot of Alastair Reynolds, so I might have to pick up one of those, or maybe there’s some new Star Trek novels out, I haven’t looked in a few months.  The SWTOR I’ve been playing lately has me wanting to go back and read more of the Star Wars novelizations as well, but I never know where to begin with all that stuff.  Suggestions on any of the above would be greatly appreciated!

Have a great week everyone!