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Three days behind already, that’s where I am!  Whoops!  I had intended to write a weekly update post every Friday, since that is, among other things, my Weight Watcher’s weigh in day.  Didn’t happen this week, which I completely blame on my cat.  How is this the cat’s fault, you might ask.  Well let me tell you!  Friday was going along swimmingly, I had some work to get done, but enough to keep me busy, not overwhelmed, which was new and exciting.  So I’m sitting at my laptop, working on this and that and I hear Tucker (the cat) rolling around behind the tower of my desktop PC, trying to extricate his favorite squeaky toy. Somehow that dumb toy ends up back there at least once a week, and he always manages to disconnect something trying to get it out.  I’m terrified that he’ll bite or claw a cord while he’s back there and electrocute himself, so I usually shoo him out quickly, grab his toy for him and toss it across the room to somewhere he can play safely.

Up until last week this was a simple process, since the side of my computer tower was exposed.  Now, after a fit of furniture moving last weekend, I have a large cabinet/bookshelf thing on one side of the tower and my rather large desk on the other. I can’t pull the tower out or I’ll unplug half the cords, so I ended up on my hands and knees under my desk, feeling around for the dumb toy.  Tucker, apparently thinking I was trying to steal his toy, not save it for him, or perhaps upset at the ignominious way I’d shoved him out from under the desk, chose that moment to pounce on my foot and bite me (he’s not vicious, he’s a kitten… and in his tiny kitten brain if something moves it must die). I jumped, shouted, twisted and having just a second before closed my hand around his toy, tried to quickly back out from my rather exposed position to stave off further attacks.  Whilst doing so, I managed to wrench the crap out of my lower back and spent the rest of the evening propped up by a lumbar pillow and popping ibuprofens.

My back really didn’t feel OK again until late Sunday, so rather than being active, useful or productive, I spent the entire weekend playing SWTOR.  (That’s Star Wars: The Old Republic, for any non-gamers out there.)  I leveled my Miraluka Jedi Consular (she’s a Telekinetic Sage) from 1-20 and holy cats am I in love.  The gameplay is smooth and the story, oh the story.  It’s like someone took a really really great Star Wars novel and made it into a Choose Your Own Adventure book.  I’m enamored of it, and intend to waste a significant number of hours playing through as many of the class stories as I can.

But, enough about video games.  If you want to know more, just stop any teenage boy and they should be able to answer any questions you have better than I can. Now that I’ve dithered on (wow… never actually written “dithered” before) for three long paragraphs about nothing, I should probably get around to what I was originally posting to talk about… this whole weekly update thing.

I really really really want to hold myself accountable for the resolutions I made at the beginning of the year, so my plan is to post a weekly update which will a. keep me writing, b. force me to actually look at what I’m succeeding with and what I’m not as far as my weight loss goals, and c. keep me accountable for the writing projects I’m supposed to be working on.  Therefore, I can happily announce that between the 1st of the year and last Friday my official weigh in had me minus seven pounds!  This is exciting, even though I’m tempering it with the fact that I weighed myself on the 1st after eating a relatively large meal, and on the 6th just after waking, before having breakfast.  I know some of that weight loss was likely water weight and just natural fluctuation, but still… SEVEN POUNDS!  Go me!

In the world of writing, I continue to make notes on the urban fantasy novel I’m planning to start working on soon, and I’ve officially given up on trying to edit my NaNo-novel before writing it’s prequel.  I need to give the story a more solid backbone as a basis for my editing.  I’m not sure that writing two stories at one time is a good idea, but it looks like I’m going to be giving it a try.  I’m also making notes on yet ANOTHER idea I had recently, the idea that I discussed in yesterday’s Mosaic Monday post.  That idea, if I can manage to not work on it any more and just let it sit and percolate, might end up being this year’s NaNo-novel.

How are you all out there doing with your goals for the new year?