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Yesterday I looked back at 2011, the things I thought went well, and the things I want to change about myself and in my life.  Today I want to look forward and make some resolutions for the new year, based on those changes I’m hoping to make. I think goal-setting is very important, and setting goals in such as way as to hold oneself accountable even more so. So, here we go, my 2012 New Years resolutions:

I will end this year weighing less than I started it.  I’ve been battling my weight since college and I need to finally take control of my behavior and get back in shape. There are two sub-resolutions under the “weigh less” category:

  • I will track my eating on Weight Watchers online at least 5 days per week for the entire year. I know that I should be doing this every day, and I intend to strive toward doing that, but I want to give myself some leeway, so I that skipping a day here and there won’t preclude me from being successful.  I want to drop the weight, but I know I’m a stress eater, so adding stress to my life by trying to hold to an extreme will just lead me straight to failure.
  • I will complete, at minimum, a three day cleanse sometime in the next 3 months.  I need to do more research here, find out what strategies give what results and so forth, but I know this is something that will be so good for me. Any suggestions anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not going to come right out and say what I weigh… I’m not quite that brave, but I will promise to keep you all update on what I’m (hopefully) losing, on a weekly basis.  I don’t attend WW meetings, I just do the online program, so you guys can all be my weekly meeting and pep squad.  Sounds like fun, right?!  That said, I’d love to know if any of you out there are making similar weight loss resolutions?

I will write, and keep writing, all year. As someone who loves to create you’d think this would come easier than it does.

  • I will post something on this blog at least 4 days each week, more if I possibly can.
  • I will continue to journal with new ideas as they come to me and whatever else I can think of that deserves being put down on paper.
  • I will win NaNoWriMo again this year.
  • I will complete one of the novel projects I have in my head, either a major revision of my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel, the prequel to that novel, or the urban fantasy story that I’ve been drafting out.

I will read. I love books, and easily read over one hundred novels in 2011.  I expect the same for 2012, but would like to broaden the scope by moving out of my comfort genres.

I will actively seek out opportunities to improve and broaden my professional experience. This doesn’t mean I want a new job, it means that I want to be better and more irreplaceable in the role I’m in right now.
  • I will take some kind of graphic design course, whether it be design basics or something in Photoshop and Flash animation, I’m not sure yet.
  • I will begin the process of obtaining my CRP and GMS credentials from Worldwide ERC.
  • I will say no less and yes more.
I will reassess these goals at the six month mark and allow myself to amend what needs amending. Conveniently, the six month mark of this year will align with my 30th birthday in June.  What better time than while I’m celebrating such a milestone to be looking at where I am in my life and thinking about where I want to go.

Reader, farewell, all happiness attend thee:

May each New Year better and richer find thee.

-Benjamin Franklin