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Hope everyone else in the blogosphere is having a lovely Friday evening, I certainly am!  About a half hour ago I cracked 10k words in my novel!  The magical transition between four digits and five seemed like a veritable glass ceiling, and now that I’ve smashed it out of existence, 50k seems like a breeze!  I’m heady with the rush of it, to the point of considering turning the story I’m writing into a trilogy… that would be what, something like 500k words?  No problem!  I can do anything!

Final total for today… 10,205 words. I may write a bit more before bed, but I really feel that at this point, I know what 10k feels like, and I need to go back to my outline and draft where I want to go with the next 10k.

I know this blog has kind of been taken over by NaNoWriMo news, I will do my very best to get a non-novel-related post up this weekend.  I’ve been craving some good urban fantasy… any suggestions?