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This story is proving to have a mind of it’s own.  It has already removed itself entirely from the story I had planned to tell when this month began. I’m sitting at 5,046 words right now, and am somewhat optimistically hoping to hit 10k tonight, seeing as I have no plans, and a boyfriend who is sleeping off the rest of his cold.  Here’s an excerpt from the section I just completed:

“Hey Lorelai.  You look surprisingly unrumpled,” she noted as they both lurched into the bulkhead, another barrage of weapons fire rocking the outpost.

“Yeah, Leffler was puking up Salisbury steak all over the infirmary, so I got pulled in to cover his shift.  I was in Ops when the bugs decided to drop in. Baumer sent me down this way when it became obvious we were gonna lose the station.  At this point he’s just hoping they can hold long enough for him to blow the self-destruct.”

“Shit.  We’re really there?”

“Yeah, looks like we are.  So here’s the deal.’ She stopped and grabbed Lia’s arm, pulling her to a stop.