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Well, that’s one day behind me, and a grand total of 2,316 words!  I’d have liked to have gotten 3k knocked out, since I have plans for most of the day tomorrow, but it just didn’t happen.  I’m not worried yet.  I even feel good about how I was able to flesh out the outline I had for my first two scenes, the story changed a bit as I was outlining, and it changed even more today as I started writing, so I’m going to spend some more time with my outline tonight, filling in some holes and making adjustments, so I can hopefully blast through a thousand words tomorrow sometime.

A quote from today’s writing:

Lia had the classic looks of a child born and raised on the southern continent: deeply tanned skin, barely faded even after over a year away from home, set off nicely by the sterling silver and turquoise jewelry she loved; long, thick, dark brown hair; and huge brown eyes with perfectly arched eyebrows.  Her well-defined cheekbones and jaw line, and her aquiline nose added a touch of aristocracy, but any hint of snobbishness was removed when one considered the imperious sparkle in her eyes and the omnipresent smile that highlighted her perfectly white teeth.