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I just can’t start a book blog without writing about my absolute favorite read of all time, Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.  Good Omens is just a romping comedy, very very British, and very very funny.  It is the story of an angel and demon, charged with bringing about the apocalypse, who have decided that they like the world rather more than either of their respective spheres. Also, they lose the Antichrist.  Also, can I just say, Terry Pratchett has SUCH a way with footnotes.  The footnotes in this novel are a tour de force, I literally LOL’ed, LMAO’ed and very nearly ROFL’ed.

Critically the book has several interesting elements… Gaiman is known for deconstructionist themes in all his works, and Good Omens is no different. Internally, the book contradicts itself at every turn, most glaringly in the behavior of Aziraphale and Crowley, angel and demon, respectively.  Pratchett and Gaiman seem to want the reader to view these two characters in a very human light and as much less polarized than their roles would suggest, however we frequently observe Aziraphale doing truly angelic miracles, and Crowley is often the completely evil character that one imagines a demon would be. We also see this back and forth characterization in Adam, the young British boy who is, unknowingly, the Antichrist.  Adam is presented to the reader as truly human, raised without overtly demonic or angelic influence, but in the end, we see him accept, if briefly, his lot as the son of Lucifer.

Overall, the novel is a satire of the traditional Christian view of the end of the world, complete with the aforementioned anti-angel and -demon, not-so-much-Antichrist, and the four bikers of the Apocalypse.  I’m going to stop there, so as not to give away too much… Final thoughts?  This book is hysterical and you should read it.  I’m about to purchase it for the 4th time (finally on Kindle) as my first two copies were loaned out and never returned, and the third finally fell apart from being read so much. If you end up picking up a copy yourself, let me know what you think in the comments!