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So I have a blog now, and truly, I don’t intend to be overly meta, but wow… how else do you start one of these things?  From what advice I’ve been given and gleaned around the the web, my first post should give this (soon-to-be)blog some direction.  Thing is, I don’t know how much direction I have to give.  My intention is to write primarily about what I’m reading, with meandering commentary on other facets of my life, like what I’m writing, weird WoW references no one will get, and probably some cute cat pictures.  Gosh, is my life sounding more exciting by the minute or what?

Why are you still reading this exactly?

Well, for some reason you are, soooooo… hm. Ah, some slightly more extended background perhaps?  Why am I ostensibly setting out to write about what I’m reading?  Why am I using words like ostenisbly?  What kind of authority do I have to be providing literary commentary? I love to read, I consume the written word voraciously, and I don’t just mean books… this girl has been know to read the labels every single bottle in the shower, simply because they’re there, and I’m bored.  And I’m not talking just like, the instructions, I mean every. single. word.  Kid you not.  Books for me aren’t something to be experienced over a few weeks, or even a long weekend, a novel is entertainment for an afternoon, and that long weekend I mentioned?  Better hope it’s a payday weekend, or that someone has given me a $50 Amazon gift card.  Unfortunately, what this can lead to is all those amazing words and stories and ideas blurring into one another, moments that I should have relished more as they were passing by.

So that brings me here.  My hope, my goal, is that by stopping and reflecting about what I’m reading, and then writing about it, will make the experience more fulfilling, more memorable.  (Can I just digress to tell  you all that the first pumpkin pie of the season is in my oven right now and the absolute awesomeness of the smell just hit me and OH. MY. GOD.  Sorry… back to writing now…)  I also hope that I can occasionally recommend a good book… I do have a BA in English… so yes, the Twilight novels make me cringe.  I can tell structurally sound, quality writing from creative crap, and I’m not the snobby lit chick who always turns her nose up at the latter.  I’ve read my share of trashy vampire romance novels, and thoroughly enjoyed most of them.  Laurell K. Hamilton?  Yes, please. (Although lately I think she’s been having to much fun with the trashy parts and forgotten that people do sometimes like plot with their sex. Whatevs. She’s making more money than I am, so I guess it’s working.)

This is getting really long, and I think I’ve kicked this off mostly the way I wanted to. Mostly.  We’ll just have to see where it goes.  Oh, and that pie?  It’s done.

Cheers all!